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Invisible Braces

At last an alternative is now available for patients who prefer not to wear unsightly steel wire braces. Invisible Braces can be described as “positioning trays” which is similar in style to a very thin plastic sports mouth guard. It works by exerting gentle pressure upon the tooth or teeth in the direction in which you’d like them to move.

The CLEAR ALIGNER BRACES PROGRAMME comes in a series of 8 braces. Each has been designed to represent a certain stage in the overall treatment process. As a specific brace becomes loose and starts falling out, often after about eight days, the patient then simply moves on to the next brace.

Once through the whole tray of braces, usually about 8 to 10 weeks later, the patient comes in for a check-up to see whether the teeth have reached the desired position. The overall treatment time will vary from patient to patient but generally takes between four to eight months for the whole process.

Inserting and removal of the braces is very simple and safe. It is done by the patient without dentist assistance. This is ideal for the patient to keep the braces clean and hygienic at all times. The patient usually removes the brace for meals. Thereafter the teeth are cleaned and the braces put back in again.

Advantages of Invisible Braces

  • Is virtually invisible, even from a close distance
  • Will not spoil your smile
  • Easy to wear and comfortable
  • Easy to clean and hygienic (There are no sharp wires and brackets to cut or rub, or for food to get trapped in)
  • Will not cause mouth irritations and ulcers as is often caused by steel wire braces
  • Will not affect your speech
  • Will not stain your teeth
  • No decalcification or white spot damage on the teeth as is often caused by steel wire braces
  • A fantastic relief for patients who are sensitive about their appearance: “No more railway lines!”
  • Is effective and cost effective

Typical unsightly steel wire braces.

Wearing Invisible Braces