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VENEERS (porcelain)

This is perhaps the favourite dental make-over treatment sought by celebrities and film stars. Even so, its cost is not prohibitive and therefore widely available to anyone who desires it. It is a fairly quick and relative simple treatment. Veneers look very natural and people will not know you've had you're teeth "veneered", unless you tell them

Dental veneers is a thin covering made of porcelain that is permanently bonded to the front surface of a patient's teeth. It do wonders for unattractive and non uniform teeth. It is used to "re-build" teeth, to enhance and improve its shape and profile, for example:

  • to close gaps
  • to mend chipped and broken teeth
  • to whiten discoloured teeth
  • to straighten the appearance of an overall misaligned teeth profile
  • realign crowded and protruding teeth

During preparation, the front portion of the tooth is slightly removed before the veneer is permanently bonded. Veneers are individually handcrafted by a highly skilled technicians and come in all shades of white, shapes and thickness in order to match the patients exact requirements. It is easy to look after with no special care required. Dental veneers are very strong and can last up to fifteen years



Side view of a tooth showing veneer positioning


Examples are shown in the photo gallery

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